December 30, 2011

All is fair, without a carbon tax

According to Graham Thomson, “You could argue it's unfair to focus so much on the oilsands when we produce more carbon dioxide through burning coal and collectively driving our cars and trucks.” (See “Ms. Redford goes to Washington,” The Edmonton Journal, Nov. 8.)

You could argue this point, but I wouldn’t. This is not an either-or situation. This year, in addition to the Keystone XL protests, we have seen fracking protests, coal plant protests, tar sands protests, and general, all purpose, action on climate change protests.

As well we should.

What we pay for the fossil fuels we burn does not take into account the damage they do to our health, the environment and the climate, and until we ledger the cost of these externalities we need to protest the escalating use of any and all fossil fuels.

The science demands it.

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